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Holiday Specials

Getting Ready For a Massage

Ask anyone who has regular massages and you will be told what a wonderful, relaxing and energizing experience it is. When going for a massage for the first time, the anticipation of the great experience is often clouded by uncertainties on the correct procedures and etiquette to be followed. So for those of you who … Read more

Why Men Should Embrace Massage Therapy

Research done by the Harvard Medical School shows that while a majority of women think that massages are a valuable part of their healthcare routine, many men do not agree. They think that it is a luxury and an indulgence that “tough guys” can do without. The fact is that the human body, irrespective of … Read more

Foot Reflexology Is More Than Just A Massage

The feet are the most heavily used parts of the body and also the ones that receive the least attention. Each foot contains of 26 bones, 33 joints and over a 100 muscles, ligaments and tendons. All these are needed to support the weight of the body and counter the stress the feet are under … Read more

Going to a Spa is not a Luxury

The modern urban dweller, even in a beautiful city like Boulder, faces pressures that were unknown a generation ago. That is why yoga, meditation and other forms of exercise and therapy to help the mind and body to unwind are now so popular. Vacations are no longer just about fun, they are a way to … Read more

How to Host a Massage Party

Living in the world of the internet makes it easy to stay in touch with friends. But are you really in touch with them? You may know all their news and all that’s happening in their lives, thanks to social media. But does that really replace spending quality time with people you care about? Isn’t … Read more

Get Ready for Summer with Massage Therapy

You may still be wearing your woolens, but summer will be here sooner than you realize. Summer is the time of year when you want to spend time outdoors, be active and if possible, take a vacation. All that means working your body hard. If your body is not ready for all that you want … Read more

Valentine’s Month Specials – Romantic Couple’s Massage

It is important to love but to be loved is more important. Valentine’s Day is coming and a lot of people in the world are expecting a loving experience from their spouse. Let’s make it intentional and fun with your sweetie and be healthy along  with that relationship of love in your life. Many people … Read more

How often should you get a Massage

There is many idea to answer to this question. Every person’s needs are different. Just as another person’s diet or exercise regimen may not be right for you, so too you need to find your own massage needs. Your general health, lifestyle, and physical and mental objectives all contribute towards the type and frequency of … Read more

Deep relax and healthy from Ashiatsu Massage

Introducing new technique massage of Ashiatsu. There is, massage therapist use their body weight and gravity to apply gliding pressure with their feet! – Welcome you to try the service and you will love it. A massage is one of the most relaxing and beneficial therapies available and one such is the Ashiatsu massage. The … Read more

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Jolina Sileski

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Jolina Sileski, LMT, was trained at the International Thai Massage School in Chaingmai, Thailand, and is certified in Thai Massage, Reflexology, Head-Neck-Shoulder Massage, Herbal Compress, Tok-Sen, Hot Stone Massage, and, most recently, in Advanced Lana Stretching. In 2013 she attained certification in Advanced Practitioner and Teacher Training (CAPT). Jolina offers a full range of Thai massage services, reflexology, and spa services … all with gracious Thai hospitality!

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