Valentine’s Month Specials – Romantic Couple’s Massage

Valentine’s Month Specials - Romantic Couple’s Massage
It is important to love but to be loved is more important.

Valentine’s Day is coming and a lot of people in the world are expecting a loving experience from their spouse. Let’s make it intentional and fun with your sweetie and be healthy along  with that relationship of love in your life.

Many people are trying to find a special way to celebrate Valentine’s day to impress their lover. There are plenty of other things to show your love and make your love smile.

Sending your sweetie a sweet text, flower or chocolate, jewelry, vacations…but most of surprise gift to her/him is book a  ROMANTIC COUPLE’S MASSAGE so two of you can share and enjoy the moment of relaxing together. And it makes sense that after your special time together your lover can feel the love from you to her/his heart.

The massage is received with clients undressed but properly draped on a comfortable table. You can desire and choose many different tropical essential oil like jasmine, rose, lily, lotus, plumeria( Frangipani) to blend with organic coconut oil or avocado oil or lotion… will be soothing, calming and peaceful to your mind.

The skilled massage therapists deliver magic hands giving smooth massage along your back from your shoulders to your feet  to sweep off the stress and tiredness from a long week of hard working.

Both of you will have a good and unique experience of BEST MASSAGE. There are elements of Swedish massage, Thai massage, Indian and Ayurvedic therapy combined to bring you the most enjoy and benefits.

The BEST QUALITY massage will have a good effect on circulation and lymphatic system, stimulate relaxation whole body muscles, tendons.The massage gift you are giving to your lover also delivers the message ” I LOVE YOU’ from you to her/his heart. You are both benefiting to be happy and healthy.

BOULDER NUAD THAI SPA is good place for you to start thinking about booking a massage gift on Valentine’s Day for the people you love.

BOULDER NUAD THAI SPA offers ROMANTIC COUPLE’S MASSAGE with a special deal of 15% discount on Couple’s massage. This applies on VALENTINES time in February 2018.

Yet, an other HOT deal for happy Thai New Year- Songkran Festival at Boulder Nuad Thai Spa offer 20% discount on  ONE hour of Thai tradition massage or Thai aroma deep tissue therapy massage from Feb, 2018 till April 15th, 2018.

The time is limited. Now is your chance to show your love to your partner. Book a ROMANTIC COUPLE’S MASSAGE.