Why Men Should Embrace Massage Therapy

Why Men Should Embrace Massage TherapyResearch done by the Harvard Medical School shows that while a majority of women think that massages are a valuable part of their healthcare routine, many men do not agree. They think that it is a luxury and an indulgence that “tough guys” can do without. The fact is that the human body, irrespective of sex, is constantly under stress and strain. Massage can, by relieving the pressure, keep it in balance and improve its ability to perform. Here are just a few reasons why men really do need, and benefit from, massage therapy:

  • Better athletic performance: Massages help muscles to recover from the soreness of the strain that result from sporting activities. They also help in enabling the body’s metabolism to recover from the feeling of tiredness that comes from expending energy.
  • Improved mental outlook = better work performance: Mental stress and anxiety take their toll on both cognitive functioning and physical ability, which can affect work performance. Often the build-up of stress is so gradual that it is not consciously felt, but its effect is tangible. Try a massage and you will notice the improvement in your mind and body’s ability to perform. One place this will be quickly noticeable is at work.
  • Relief from back and neck pain: These are among the most common of physical afflictions. There are numerous causes ranging from, to name a few, improper posture to sitting in front of a computer to spending too much time watching TV. Massage will cure or reduce the severity of the problem without the need to take medications which often have unwanted side effects.
  • Eases tension: Everyone has to deal with problems ranging from work to finances, relationships and more. The tension that these issues cause make dealing with and overcoming these problems far more difficult. Massage will ease the tension and allow you to tackle them in the most effective way so that your ability to overcome them improves.
  • Quicker recovery from hectic weekend activities: Weekends are often a time for outdoor activities. While they are enjoyable, they do take a toll on the body which is why Monday morning aches and pains are common. Massage will ease the pain and by doing so make the activities more fun.
  • Better sleep: Inadequate or improper sleep is a common problem which can have a cascading effect on every aspect of life. Massage will, by easing the mind and body, enable better sleep and this will have a positive impact on everything that you do.

 The Right Massage Makes All The Difference

A proper massage is not the same as a locker room rub down. Massage therapy is based on established scientific principles and there are different types of massages for different needs. Among the various types of therapy available, Thai massage is steadily growing in popularity because of the many benefits it offers and the tangible results it provides. A professional massage therapist will know what kind of strain you are under and will apply the type of therapy that will bring you the best results. Tough guys are not those who do without massages. They are those who use massage therapy to stay fit and healthy.