How often should you get a Massage

How often should you get a Massage
There is many idea to answer to this question. Every person’s needs are different. Just as another person’s diet or exercise regimen may not be right for you, so too you need to find your own massage needs. Your general health, lifestyle, and physical and mental objectives all contribute towards the type and frequency of your massage needs. For example, a professional sportsperson may require a massage almost every day as part of a training program. A person recovering from an injury or suffering from a chronic physical ailment may need a weekly massage. For others, even once a month will be enough. To help you decide on the massage frequency that suits you, consider these factors and how relevant they are to you.

Pain Management and Medical Conditions
According to a survey conducted by the American Massage Therapy Association, 54% of those who get massages do so for health or medical reasons. Pain management is another reason for opting Massage Therapy. If massage is required for health or medical reasons, your health professional will advise you about the type and frequency of the therapy you need. If it is a matter of pain management, either your doctor or a massage therapist will be able to work out a therapy program that is right for you. Often it will start with frequent massages which then taper off as the pain comes under control.

Injury Recovery and Prevention
Everyone suffers from muscle, nerve or bone injury at some stage in their life. Depending on the seriousness, massage therapy can both hasten the healing, as well as help to make it more complete. Once again, your doctor or a professional massage therapist will be able to guide you on how often it needs to be done. If you follow an active lifestyle, that can be a double-edged sword. On one hand you are probably in good physical condition. On the other, you are more exposed to the chance of injury. Regular massages, once or twice a month, can help to keep your body strong and flexible so as to reduce the chances of injuries.

Stress Relief
One of the biggest problems of our fast-paced modern life is the amount of stress we are all subject to. This stress can manifest itself in either physical, or psychological, problems. Or it may fester just below the surface, affecting your peace of mind and wellbeing. Massage is one of the most effective ways of managing stress. On an average, 1 or 2 massages a month should be enough to control normal levels of stress. However, if you feel you need a weekly massage to keep you at your best, that’s fine.

General Wellbeing
Even if you are uninjured and completely healthy in every way, regular massages can help you to feel even better. This increased feeling of wellbeing will affect all that you do, and the positive outlook and energy that comes from regular massages will help to improve the quality of the life you live. One massage a month should be fine, but again, if you feel you need more, go for it, as long as your massage therapist approves.

As important as the frequency of the massage is the quality. While a good massage can improve your life on all levels, the person who has more stress and hard or long hours working need more massage relax frequently. That is why going to a spa where the therapy will be given by professionals is the right way to go about it.