Read our blog, and learn more about Thai Massage, the various modalities which Boulder Nuad Thai Spa offers. We also offer helpful info about pain management, conditions helped by Thai Massage, and how to best benefit from your experience at our spa. Read more …

What Makes Thai Massage Special?

The benefits of traditional Thai Massage are many: it lowers stress, boosts energy, stimulates circulation, improves range of motion, and relaxes your whole body. Thai massage uses gentle pressure and stretching to relax you. Instead of just applying pressure in the way of a normal massage, with Thai massage your whole body is moved and … Read more

Get Ready for Spring

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes the urge to get outside and get active. Unfortunately this can cause muscle strain and soreness, which is where we come in! Our techniques work well with sports related injuries, Traditional Thai Massage uses a mix of passive stretching and pressure which when combined opens … Read more

We Offer Variety!

At Nuad Thai we have a wide variety of techniques that we use. Although our main focus is Traditional Thai massage, we also specialize in deep tissue, Chavutti, Ashiatsu, and aroma oil massage. 

Everything you need to know about deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massages are one of the most popular types of massages and have various potential health benefits. They target the inner layers of your muscles, connective tissues and ligaments. Generally athletes and highly active individuals prefer deep tissue massage to recover from muscle soreness and injury.

Relieve your muscles with Thai massage therapy

When someone talks about a massage, people immediately picture a lavish and extravagant life. Massages are often considered a luxury but people fail to realize that a massage therapy is in fact an investment in oneself and sometimes a necessity for people who involve themselves in regular, strenuous physical activity and for athletes of various … Read more

Massage for recovery after surgery

Surgery, whether essential or elective, is never a pleasant experience.48 million surgeries are performed in the U.S. each year. Whether the procedure is a simple matter of routine or a major and complicated one, its success will be affected by how the recovery proceeds. A patient will be given detailed instructions on what needs to … Read more

Dealing with back pain through massage

According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, over 75% of all Americans suffer from back pain at least once in their lives. Back pain can range from slight discomfort to unbearable agony that can leave a person immobile and affect the quality of life.The fact that an estimated $50 billion is spent each year … Read more

What makes a Thai massage so special?

There are a number of massage therapies available and there are spas and massage therapists to offer these services. While all therapies have their own benefits, the one that stands out from the rest, is a Thai massage. Anyone who has had a professional Thai massage knows how rejuvenated and refreshed one feels after it. … Read more

Why Your Back Needs to Move

Why Your Back Needs to Move When your back pain flares-up, your first reaction is likely to find a comfortable resting position. After you find this, all you want to do is remain there as long as possible. One or two days of rest may be okay after your back pain strikes, but here is … Read more

Arthritis Relief With Thai Massage

To define it as simply as possible, arthritis is a medical condition in which one or more joints of the body become inflamed, leading to severe pain to the extent that movement and mobility are limited. Thee are over 100 different types of arthritis but the most common is osteoarthritis which is caused by disease, … Read more

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Jolina Sileski

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Jolina Sileski, LMT, was trained at the International Thai Massage School in Chaingmai, Thailand, and is certified in Thai Massage, Reflexology, Head-Neck-Shoulder Massage, Herbal Compress, Tok-Sen, Hot Stone Massage, and, most recently, in Advanced Lana Stretching. In 2013 she attained certification in Advanced Practitioner and Teacher Training (CAPT). Jolina offers a full range of Thai massage services, reflexology, and spa services … all with gracious Thai hospitality!

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