Getting Ready For a Massage

Ask anyone who has regular massages and you will be told what a wonderful, relaxing and energizing experience it is. When going for a massage for the first time, the anticipation of the great experience is often clouded by uncertainties on the correct procedures and etiquette to be followed. So for those of you who are new comers to this, here is the Beginner’s Guide to Getting a Massage:

  • Remember that you are in a reputed massage spa and are dealing with a licensed professional. You are the customer but she is the expert so while you should of course talk about why you came for the massage and your expectations from it, remember that she is the one with the expertise, and pay attention to what she has to say.
  • When you make your appointment, ask what you should wear. Remember that your body will be covered by a sheet, except for the part that the therapist is working on. Boxer shorts and grannie panties are a no-no and if your back needs to be treated, vests and bra will have to be taken off.
  • Avoid a large meal before going for a massage. A full stomach could cause embarrassing flatulence during the massage. Drinking too much liquid too could cause needless pressure on your bladder. A light snack with light liquids an hour or so before the massage is ideal.
  • You need to relax during the massage and allow the therapist to do her work. Excessive chatting gets in the way of this. However, you should tell her when anything does not feel right or if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort. A professional therapist will ask you about your comfort levels during the session. Answer her accurately and honestly.
  • Check with the spa at the time of making the massage appointment about the amount to be paid and how it is to be done. This will avoid the awkwardness of not being prepared when the time to pay arrives.
  • Tipping is optional. Keep in mind that your therapist has spent time, applied her expertise and used a lot of effort to give you a good massage that makes you feel great. So while tipping is not mandatory, it is usually done and the restaurant rule of 15 to 20% is what is normally followed in a spa too.
  • When making the appointment, check if there is any paperwork to be filled out so you can be ready and get there early enough to complete it.
  • Try to have a shower before going. The therapist will be touching your body and it is only considerate to give her a clean one to work on. If there is no time for a shower, try to rub yourself down with wipes.

A Professional Massage Spa Will Take Care of You

A professional spa will know how to put you at ease so you are comfortable and get the best massage experience possible. Knowing what to expect and what you need to do will simply add to the pleasure and benefits of the massage.