Deep relax and healthy from Ashiatsu Massage

Deep relax and healthy from Ashiatsu MassageIntroducing new technique massage of Ashiatsu. There is, massage therapist use their body weight and gravity to apply gliding pressure with their feet! – Welcome you to try the service and you will love it. A massage is one of the most relaxing and beneficial therapies available and one such is the Ashiatsu massage. The name is derived from the Japanese “Ashi” (foot) and “Atsu” (pressure).

How It Is Done

The client lies on a table with a sheet cover body in a manner similar to how it is done for a deep tissue massage. The massage therapist holds on to bars suspended from the ceiling (to maintain balance, and control the pressure being applied) and then apply warm organice oil and smoothy deliver the long gliding pressure of the bare feet on client body from the shoulder to the toes, provides a completely different massage experience. The feet are moved in multiple deep but no hurt, release the knots on your shoulder, your back, your hips, your hamstrings, long compression strokes to maximize the therapeutic benefits of the massage. Ashiatsu is a very specialized form of massage therapy and should only be performed by a therapist who is qualified, trained and experienced in its application. Having Ashiatsu barefeet massage on your body in a spa where the highest standards of care and hygiene are maintained, it is in reality, just a variation of a massage done with hands.

How It Is Different

Ashiatsu goes much deeper into the tissue than other massage therapies but not hurt. The weight of the therapist’s body and the specialized movements of the feet on the along of body help the massage to penetrate deep into the tissue to release stress and tension, creat good cirulation and promote relaxation. Many of those who have tried Ashiatsu say that they find it a more comfortable option because the pressure is applied by feet and not by fingers which can cause some to find to be a little “pokey.” The therapist will typically use the flat surface or arch of the foot along with the ball, heel or side of the foot to apply pressure as required. The exact nature of the massage will depend on the client’s requirements – it could be a whole body massage, or be customized to focus on a specific part of the body.

The Benefits

Everyone can benefit from an Ashiatsu massage. It helps to reduce stress, tension on the big muscle, relieves chronic pain and promotes general wellbeing. It has been found to be especially effective in dealing with, and alleviating, the symptoms of a range of motion problems and limitations. Sportspersons are finding that Ashiatsu is helping them loosen up tightness muscles.

People who have experienced an Ashiatsu massage usually make it a part of their regular massage routine. To try out an Ashiatsu massage soon and feel how effective it is.

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