What makes a Thai massage so special?

There are a number of massage therapies available and there are spas and massage therapists to offer these services. While all therapies have their own benefits, the one that stands out from the rest, is a Thai massage. Anyone who has had a professional Thai massage knows how rejuvenated and refreshed one feels after it. But those who have not yet had it may want more specific inputs on the subject. These are some of the special features of a Thai massage:

  • A Thai massage can be done without having to remove the clothes. This is a huge benefit for those who are not comfortable about getting undressed in front of strangers. The fact that they are relieved of this tension and are more relaxed because of being dressed, increases the effectiveness of the massage.
  • Since undressing is not an essential part of a Thai massage, the need for privacy is reduced. While a spa should offer privacy, in case a client is reluctant to be alone with a therapist, for any reason, an equally effective massage can be given out of a cubicle.
  • Since oil is not an essential part of a Thai massage, there is no oily or sticky residue or skin discomfort after the massage. It is possible to get back to work or any other activity immediately after the massage without having the feel or smell of oil lingering over the body.
  • Thai massage allows the therapist to use more than just the hands for the massage. The forearms, elbows, feet and knees may also be used if the therapy requires it. This ability to apply different types of pressure and movement, which is not possible using only the hands, makes the massage much more effective and is one of the reasons why the results are so good.
  • It incorporates a variety of motions and stretching movements. When the body is fixed in one position the pressure can be applied only to limited areas which localizes the benefits. Here the whole body is put through a series of motions and stretches that enable all parts of the body to benefit from it. Thai massage originated thousands of years ago in India, from where Yoga also was born. The application of Yoga movements form a part of Thai massage. So a person getting a Thai massage also executes a yoga session along with it.
  • Thai massage is more than just working on the muscles and tendons. It also has a mental/spiritual aspect that works to release the trapped energy from the body, thus revitalizing and rejuvenating it.

Experience It to Understand it

The benefits of a Thai massage can be enumerated, but not the overall effect of this unique system of massage. The feeling of relaxation, mental well being and increased energy that comes after the session is what makes it so different and special. To really understand what it means and how it benefits the mind and body, one must visit a Thai massage spa and get the type of massage needed , from a qualified therapist.