Relieve your muscles with Thai massage therapy

When someone talks about a massage, people immediately picture a lavish and extravagant life. Massages are often considered a luxury but people fail to realize that a massage therapy is in fact an investment in oneself and sometimes a necessity for people who involve themselves in regular, strenuous physical activity and for athletes of various sports to exhibit higher performance.

To clear the air around the concept of massage therapy, we need to understand what exactly it is and how it will benefit us.

What is Thai massage therapy?

Massage therapy and more specifically, Thai massage is a way of relieving stress from the soft tissues of the body. Contrary to the traditional massage, the client will remain completely clothed and the massage therapist will compress the muscles and apply pressure on them by placing them in various positions. This is done while the client is relaxed on a floor mat or a yoga mat.

How does Thai massage help relieve muscle stress?

Most of the pain and soreness in our body have their origin in the soft tissues. For example, the typical lower back pain that most of us experience, generally originates in the Gluteus muscles. This pain is often caused due to tightening or weakening of muscles and can be relieved by massage therapy which may even eliminate the need for any form of surgery. The added bonus is that a massage session is more pleasurable than undergoing a surgery!

The therapeutic effect of massage relies on the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body by the massage therapist. This alleviates pain and discomfort and prevents muscle spasms, and reduces the time take by the body to heal from an injury.

How does Thai massage specially benefit athletes and body builders?

The deep tissue massage performed by expert therapists will aid the overall performance of athletes and body builders. This is not limited to professionals, but for anyone who is involved in regular physical activities that can sometimes be intense. The therapy reduces tightness in the muscles and improves the flexibility. This is crucial for performance in any sporting activity because tight muscles often lead to injuries.
While working hard at the gym or running track, the athletes need to give it a 100% for maximum results and this can be accomplished only by performing the activity in full range of motion. The lack of flexibility in muscles will deter this and may lead to injuries. A regular Thai massage session will not only improve the flexibility of the athlete but also untie the knots in the muscles.

Thai massage essentially clears out the messy and tight muscle fibers. Backed by research findings, it is very clear that a Thai massage session performed by expert therapists will improve the muscle flexibility, increase muscle tone and reduce the recovery time for muscles.

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