Arthritis Relief With Thai Massage

To define it as simply as possible, arthritis is a medical condition in which one or more joints of the body become inflamed, leading to severe pain to the extent that movement and mobility are limited. Thee are over 100 different types of arthritis but the most common is osteoarthritis which is caused by disease, infection, or trauma to the joint or by advancing years.

It is one of the most common and rapidly growing medical conditions that is affecting an increasingly younger percentage of the population. Traditional treatment consists of exercises to improve mobility and medication to control the pain. In the most severe cases, joint replacement surgery may be required.

There is no accepted medical cure for arthritis. The problem with medication to reduce pain is that it can become addictive and this dependency can, over time, lead to all kinds of other medical conditions.

Thai Massage – How It Helps

Thai massage is a noninvasive form of therapy that helps to significantly reduce the pain associated with arthritis and also enables greater joint movement, thereby enhancing flexibility and mobility. It does this by relieving tension in the joints, muscles and tendons by realigning them to allow for a greater range of movement. This, in turn, allows for the therapist to assist the patient in stretching the body, in a manner similar to that of Yoga, to release muscular tension and stress. This looseness of the muscles and joints lasts for days after the massage and with it comes movement with a significant reduction in pain. In addition to this, the stretching movements are used to improve blood flow to the arthritis affected areas. This is done by first using the stretches to restrict blood flow to the affected joints and muscles and then, by releasing the stretch, allowing a rush of blood back to the area. This stimulates the muscles and tendons, allowing for improved flexibility and movement.

A problem faced by many patients of arthritis is the mental pressure and depression that comes with the pain and limited flexibility. The United States Department of Health and Human Services says that massage is a very effective treatment option for this condition. This is especially true of Thai massage which uses the manipulation of muscles to release mental and emotional stress. In other words, Thai massage will not only reduce the suffering from arthritis, but will also create a feeling of wellbeing that will lead to an overall improvement in the patient’s quality of life.

Only Professionals Can Provide The Right Treatment

Because arthritis is a condition of the joints and muscles, wrong application of pressure on the affected areas can result in increased inflammation and pain. Only a professional licensed Thai massage therapist will be able to apply the right pressure and stretching, as part of the massage, to produce the maximum possible relief from pain, and improved flexibility of the joint. If you are among the millions who suffer from arthritis, irrespective of age, Thai massage can provide you the kind of medication and side effect free relief that you would not have ever thought possible.