What Is So Special About Thai Massage?

The benefits of massage therapy are universally recognized. It is not just a matter of feeling good after one; ongoing research continues to find a lot more health benefits as well. There are various styles and forms of massage, but Thai massage is right there among the most popular. Many people think that massage simply involves applying external pressure to the muscles to loosen and relax them. While this is part of the process, Thai massage continues to grow in popularity because of the many other benefits it offers.

The Unique Features of Thai Massage

  • What is now known as Thai massage, originated in India over 2,500 years ago. And because of this, it includes some aspects of Yoga, which has well documented health benefits. In Thai massage, your body is placed in different positions while stretching techniques are used. This aspect of the massage is often referred to as “lazy Yoga” as the massage therapist places your body in different Yoga positions with no effort on your part. Deep pressure techniques are used to loosen and energize the body.
  • Thai massage is convenient because it is minimalist in nature. That means it can be done on a chair/table or even on a floor mat. Special equipment is generally not required. Also, oils are rarely used so you can usually remain fully clothed during the massage. This is a comfort to those who are hesitant about undressing in front of practitioners, and eliminates the possibility of any residual oil staining clothes after a massage.
  • There is a spiritual aspect to Thai massage that is not present in the other forms. Before beginning, a Thai massage therapist will say a prayer that will align the focus and maximize the health and wellbeing of the patient. This often results in the patient entering a relaxed meditative state which enhances the effects of the massage.
  • In other forms of massage, you normally stay in one position, either on the back or on the stomach, while the therapist works on your body. In the case of Thai massage, your position will change depending on what the therapist is doing. This means you could be on your sides or even sitting on a chair or stool.
  • Although oil is not normally used, if the therapist decided it will be beneficial, herbal packs may be applied to enhance the benefits of the massage. A cotton bag is filled with specific herbs and, if required, a little oil. The pack is then heated and then placed on specific parts of the body to promote increased relaxation.

Feel Your Best with Thai Massage

Thai massage is the most dynamic form of massage therapy. It offers the widest range of health benefits and provides a most relaxing experience. To ensure that you get the maximum benefits from this therapy, have it done at a proper Thai massage spa by a qualified and experienced massage therapist. You will feel the benefits immediately and continue to feel them for a long time.