Children Benefit From Massages

Touch is the first sense to develop in human beings. A newborn is able to see, hear and smell his/her surroundings but unable to interpret what the inputs are. Touch, however is different. A mother’s touch is, from the first moment it happens, a soothing and calming experience which starts the bonding process and enables the love to grow. As a child matures, touch remains a constant imperative in physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Child massage is a common practice in many Eastern and African cultures. It is used to soothe, relax and heal the children and by doing so, promote their overall health and growth.

Children Suffer From Stress

Stress is happened on an adult also is the big problem hidden on children too. Starting school or going to a new class, moving to a new home, managing difficult subjects, coping with family problems (even if not fully understood) and peer pressure are just some of the stressful situations which children are faced with. While these may seem to be relatively minor issues to an adult, for children, who are not yet equipped to deal with them, they are major problems. The relaxation that comes from a massage helps them to cope with the stress and take a more positive attitude to the challenges they face.

Relaxation and Physical Development

Stress has a serious impact on the physical wellbeing of children. Many studies have shown that if stress levels remain consistently high, it causes a number of hormones to be released. One of them, Cortisol, has the effect of destroying the metabolism’s immune cells that fight disease and tumors. Over time, this can affect the overall functioning of the immune system and leave a child more prone to sickness and general ill health. This is another area where massage plays an important role by controlling stress. Additionally, massage can help a child recover faster from the sports and play-related injuries that are an integral part of growing up. 

Improved Performance and Behavior

Research shows that after a 15 minute massage, children perform better on tests and show increased levels of manual dexterity. They also sleep better and are less likely to be overactive and badly behaved. Teenagers, going through the pain and confusion of adolescence and the problems caused by hormonal changes can benefit greatly from the relaxation that massage offers.

Children Are Special

Because a child’s body is growing and developing, it is easy to over stimulate it through massage. If this happens, it can do more harm than good. Regular massages from a licensed massage therapist will ensure that the massage is done the right way, for the right amount of time, to give the child the maximum benefits from the treatment. Massage is not just a panacea to help in relieving pain and injury problems. It is a way to stimulating the child’s body to allow for the correct growth, development and proper blood circulation. Many children experience “Growing Pains” in their legs. One of the best and suggested treatments for “Growing Pains” is massaging the legs of the child experiencing such pain. Nuad Thai massage provided by a licensed massage therapist, will provide the much needed relief that your child needs.