What a Thai Head – Neck – Shoulder – Face Massage Does For You

Tension and stress are an integral part of modern life. These do not affect just the mind – they place a burden on the body too. Whether it is from being hunched over a keyboard for hours or the physical stress of intense concentration for extended periods of time, the result is usually the same – tightness in the shoulders and neck, tired facial muscles and often headaches. The best way to return the body to a healthy relaxed state is by having a Thai head – neck – shoulder – face massage. A relaxed body aids, in mental relaxation, too.

The tension in the mind flows down the spinal cord and then spreads over the rest of the body. The aim of this type of massage is to open up the energy flow from the brain to remove the blockages caused by the tension and induce a feeling of well being and lightness. This massage can be either a standalone treatment or combined with another type of Thai massage.

How it’s Done?

Firm yet gentle pressure is used to remove blockages and to bring back balance and alignment to the body. With this massage,tension is relieved. The treatment will often begin with a head and scalp massage that is designed to boost blood circulation and by doing so, induce relaxation. The face massage comes next. This is done more gently and slowly. Pressure points and energy lines are stimulated to enhance oxygen and blood circulation. This revitalizes the muscles and nerves of the face and results in the removal of tension. After this, the massage moves on to the neck and shoulder area. Deeper and stronger strokes are now applied in keeping with the increased muscles mass and tone of this area. The long deep strokes causes the pressure points to be stimulated, which looseness the kinks ad knots in the muscles and eases the tensions and stress.

The Benefits

A Thai head – neck – shoulder – face massage offers many benefits. Among them are:

  • Relief from shoulder and neck stiffness
  • Removal of tension headaches
  • Improved concentration
  • A greater feeling of alertness combined with calmness and relaxation
  • Better sleep
  • Reduction in eyestrain and easing of sinus conditions
  • Improved oxygen blood circulation to the scalp, head and face resulting in a reduction in lines and wrinkles and an improved complexion
  • Easing of feeling of depression and mental stress

The benefits of the massage are both immediate and also long lasting. In most cases once people feel the difference, regular massages become part of their routine.

To get the best results from a Thai head – neck – shoulder – face massage, go to a certified massage therapist. She will have been properly trained and will often be specialized in various massage therapies. Ask about the therapist’s experience and have a look at the testimonials. It’s important to feel comfortable with and confident about the abilities of the therapist. That puts you in the mood to get the best results.