The Psychological Benefits of Massage

the-psychological-benefits-of-massagePeople get massages for a number of reasons – they feel good after it, it helps them to relax, to ease pains caused by injury or lifestyle and so on. What many who love their massages do not realize is the psychological benefits that they derive from it. According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), a major benefit of massage is its ability to provide mental relaxation and stress relief. There is a direct connection between the body and the mind. That is why when we are under mental stress, our bodies lack energy and strength. And when we are physically worn out, our ability to concentrate and focus is reduced. A professional massage therapist knows how to use massage to benefit both the mind and body.

Anxiety Improvement

Fear, worry and the anticipation of distressing situations all cause the body to become stressed. Adrenalin production increases and blood pressure rises. Research done by NCCAM shows that massage can help reduce stress by lowering the blood pressure and heartrate and controlling the production of adrenalin. Over time, continuous massage therapy can help fight off the original causes of the anxiety and restore balance to the metabolism.

Mood Improvement

Endorphins and serotonin are natural hormones that, when released into the body, work to elevate the mood and create a positive attitude. Massage stimulates the production of these hormones. It can also help in the production of pain blocking hormones and so reduce the chronic pain caused by some medical conditions. Studies done by the University of Maryland Medical Center reports that massage can relieve the feelings of depression that people with chronic illness often feel.

Increased Relaxation

The feeling of relaxation and calmness that comes from a good massage lasts long. This allows the mind to function freely, without the need to react to stresses of the body. In this state, creativity and a positive thought process are enhanced, leading to a more productive attitude to life and enhanced psychological wellbeing.

Increased Energy

The feeling of increased physical energy that comes with a massage reflects on improved levels of concentration and mental acuity that the mind is able to achieve. That is why a number of organizations are promoting the use of massage in workplace – to help productivity and output.

Ensure You Get the Right Massage

There are various different types of massage that are available. They all have their good points but Thai massage is the firm favorite among those who want the maximum physical and psychological benefits from one.  If you have had a Thai massage before, there is no need to say more. And if you have not, you need to try it. The way you feel after it will tell you all you need to know about why it is so good. Remember that amateur massages will never be able to offer the kind of wellbeing that comes from a professional massage. For that, you should go to a spa that offers massages from Certified Massage Therapists.