The Benefits of a Traditional Thai Massage

Thai massage has several benefits. It uses yoga-like stretching and soft pressure on energy lines to loosen up and relax the entire body. This deeper level of relaxation helps to improve your personal outlook as well as your emotional status. Deep relaxation is also instrumental in promoting a deeper and restorative sleep. This deeper sleep gives the body a chance to heal itself, and helps you feel more refreshed.

Reduced Stress Levels:

Thai massage is instrumental in reducing stress levels and enhancing your overall blood circulation. This is achieved by the slow movements of the body through yoga-like positions. This in turn improves your flexibility allowing for a better range of movement. This range of flexibility and movement reduces muscle strain and stress, and helps in preventing fall and trip accidents.

The leisurely movements allow for the spirit and mind to slow down and achieve a true form of relaxation. It helps to center the mind and aid to normalize blood pressure. By centering yourself, and reducing negative reactions to stressors, you will lower the susceptibility to heart problems.

True Relaxation:

The main aim of a Thai massage is to help a person attain true sense of relaxation. Stress will start depleting from the muscles, facilitating a more fluid range of muscle extension. This will then increase energy levels. With increased energy and healthier muscles, you can look forward to a healthy weight loss. It will reduce blood sugar levels, and overturn the onset of diabetes.

Enhances Circulatory System:

Thai massage helps to enhance the circulatory system by increasing blood circulation. With better circulation, more oxygen will be sent to the brain. This will help in lowering headaches and migraines you may suffer. Better circulation will reduce the chances of clotting inside the arteries. Thai massage can refresh, rejuvenate and help you think clearer.

Prevention of Illness and other Bodily Ailments

Thai massage offers the following physical benefits:

  • Help detoxify the body and enhance immune system
  • Lower blood pressure and increase blood circulation
  • Increase muscle flexibility, relaxation and mobility
  • Improve breathing
  • Improves balance, posture, dissolves blockages in energy and corrects body alignments
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Helps back pain and arthritis
  • Helps in toning the body, fight diseases, strengthening joints and curing chronic joint problems
  • Alleviates degenerative diseases and prevents illnesses
  • Slows the process of aging

The combination of physical and energetic aspects is what makes Thai Massage so effective and unique. Traditional Thai massage is a full-body treatment that starts at the feet and progresses to the head. Making use of a series of flowing, gentle exercise movements, the body of the recipient is moved, stretched and loosened. This unique massage also influences the energetic side, restoring the energy flow throughout the body with applied acupressure on the Zen energy lines, aimed at energizing and harmonizing.