Thai Herbal and Tok-Sen Massage Therapy

Ever found yourself sore all over, after a stressful day at work? Even that long soak in the tub did not help rejuvenate your tired, overworked and hurting muscles! To offset, the stress and strain on your hurting muscles, come experience the elixir of Thai Herbal and Tok-Sen Massage, with its healing and rejuvenating powers.

This art was originally brought to Thailand by ancient Buddhist monks and perfected over thousands of years. Thai Massage comprises a set of soothing and healing massage styles that can instantly relieve pain from hurting muscles. Although many different styles exist and there are various schools within those styles, one of the most sought after types of Thai Massage, is the famed Northern Style or the ITM (International Thai Massage). This style of massage originates from ChiangMaiin Northern Thailand and is arguably the most authentic of all Thai Massage styles. It is known for its deeper, slower massage style with lots of stretching involved. The Thai Herbal and Tok-Sen Massage is a combination of both the traditional Thai Massage and the Tok-Sen therapy.

Thai Herbal Massage

In Thai Herbal Massage, the practitioner uses a poultice as a hot compress. The poultice is most often made up of a variety of herbs, native to Thailand, held together in a muslin wrap. The poultice is steamed with the herbs in it,till it turns into a wonderfully warm and comforting compress. The practitioner massages sore areas and specific spots of muscle aches with this poultice to deliver soothing relief from pain. During the massage, the steamed herbs in the poultice release alkaloids that are beneficial and help in healing. This massage is ideal if you have muscle aches and sprains or if you are simply looking for relief from stress and to relax. There are also specific Thai Herbal massage techniques aimed at skin maintenance, soothing migraines, stress, anxiety, back pain and arthritis.

Thai Tok-Sen Massage

The Tok-Sen Massage is reputed to be the finest type of massage in the Northern Style. Originating in ChiangMai, Tok-Sen literally means tap the meridians. The massage involves the use of two pieces of tamarind wood, designed much like a blunt chisel and hammer, which are used to tap specific nerve points along the meridian lines that run through the body. The massage is intense, but not painful. It is very relaxing and relieves deep tissue aches and sprains. Tok-Sen is a rare style of Thai Massage and its only practitioners come from the northern style. It is much more effective at addressing pain that is deep within the inner tissues, which cannot be reached by other kinds of massage. Comprehensively, the Tok-Sen Massage, relaxes the body and alleviates pain.

A combination of Thai Herbal and Tok-Sen Massage is often suggested for people with chronic pain or pain in muscles deep within the body. The herbal massage warms up, loosens muscles and prepares your body, so that the Tok-Sen massage can be more effective. This combination is very specific to the northern style and requires specialized knowledge of various techniques. Hence why only a few spas exist that can offer you these services, Boulder Nuad Thai Massage and Spa, being one such.